We're off: Iceland

We've done the last load of laundry, our last minute shopping, packed the bags, kissed the kitties good bye and left them in the capable hands of our house sitter. Now we're off on our adventure.

We fly out tonight and arrive early tomorrow morning at 6:30 Icelandic time. We'll jump straight into a day of exploring and the Blue Lagoon. Wish us luck on a jet lagged day of activities! I'm really hoping the Icelandic coffee is good. 

Dave and I are experiencing a bit of travel apprehension, both about leaving home for 11 days and for the unknown adventure ahead. It't hard to admit we're anything but super excited, but we've invested so much and it's been hard not to worry a little about the weather, travel, and whether the trip will live up to our expectations. So if you think about it on Wednesday evening/night, please say a little prayer for us. We'll be needing it.

Quite a few people have been encouraging me to try and keep some sort of travel log while we're abroad. I really would like to try and do something. I'm not sure what that will look like, but check back later this week and depending on what the wifi situation looks like I will have some updates about our travels posted either here or on Instagram and under #íslandicrussells.  Stay tuned!

p.s. in the picture above, it's really funny to see my swimsuit next to my winter parka. :)