Waking up from Hibernation

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted regularly. There are many contributing factors, but the biggest is that setting up our house and settling into a new home has been more creatively exhausting and emotionally draining than I expected. Since usually this little space is my creative outlet, the house usurped that role for a while.

In the past couple weeks things have started to feel better around here. I'm not sure if it's because spring arrived and we've fallen in love with our yard, or because we finally have furniture in our living room, or just because it's been 4 months and our hearts are finding peace here. 

As things quiet down, I've discovered so many ideas and so much inspiration that I can't wait to get into. Winter is a hard season for me and in the same way that the sun and green returns in the spring, I find myself reenergized with a zest for life that surprises me. It's feels like like a jolt from the best cup of coffee.

Things around here were overwhelming. We've had to give ourselves grace and allow a period of adjustment. There have been dark nights when we stumble past piles of renovation supplies and stifle the panic rising that told us we were never going to feel at home again. We learned how necessary a kitchen table and couch are to our life (living without was the worst). I've doubted and questioned just about every decision we made about the house projects. It's been a challenging time. But there's light at the end of the tunnel and it's getting brighter.

We're through the worst of it now. Our kitchen and bathroom are done with full rehauls. Our living room and bedroom have fresh coats of paint. We're living life here like normal people. Not that everything is done. But the hardest parts are done. Now we can tackle the fun things β€” like what to hang on the walls β€” slowly and as time and budget permit. 

I'm excited to dive back in to this space. Thank you for sticking around even while hasi & co. was hibernating. Things are going to get good