Ellie's Grand Adventure


Well, it was a crazy weekend. If you followed along on social media you know that on Thursday night things got rough around here when Ellie disappeared from our yard in less than 15 minutes. Up until now the cats have had supervised free range of our yard, but we're super careful not to let them go far. Well, somehow Ellie managed to bolt so far that we couldn't find her despite searching for hours. What I wouldn't give to know what startled her!

(sidenote: Just last week I told Dave that I was truly content and happy with our life. There wasn't anything significant I'd change if I could. As you'll see, that was probably not a smart move. ;) )

The thing that made all this even more tricky was that we had a planned vacation starting the next morning. We were supposed to take off at 4:30am for Maine as a late anniversary trip and to go to a friend's wedding.

We went to bed hoping Ellie would show up during the night. Of course that was the night that we had a severe thunderstorm complete with hail and torrential downpour. To say Dave and I slept that night would be an over statement. Between the two of us we might have had 4 hours of fitful sleep.

We did end up leaving for the airport with aching hearts because we thought for sure Ellie would show up in the morning when Dave's parents stopped by to look around for her. By the time we landed in Boston and heard from them that she hadn't shown up, we realized she was probably lost for real and began to feel like we'd made a terrible mistake. We started posting her picture online so that people could keep an eye out for her and organizing friends to stop by the house and check for her.

I won't go into details, but lets just say our emotional state was not the best. Ellie is our first pet together and is a really special part of our love story, not to mention she's a huge part of what makes our house a home. We really battled against a lot of terrible feelings Thursday through Sunday, the biggest being guilt for having left home in the first place. I don't know if I've ever seen Dave that discouraged in our five years together.


Somehow we got through Friday and Saturday and made it to the wedding Saturday evening. It was so good to be at the wedding and be able to celebrate our dear friend's marriage. That was by far the best part of the trip.

So that night, we were lying in bed complaining that our flight home wasn't until Sunday evening, when Dave started looking at flights that would get us home earlier. He found one that was relatively affordable and would get us home at least 12 hours earlier. We booked the tickets, threw our stuff in our bags, slept for 4 hours and then drove back to Boston through the sunrise. It felt so good to be headed home, where we could DO something to try and find Ellie. Things fell together really well for us, from the car rental place being open at 7am, to catching the bus to the airport and even getting seats together on the flight.

We got home around 1pm and a friend met us at home to help with the search. I got to work making huge "Lost Cat" signs and Dave did a preliminary search of the neighborhood. We even changed into fresh clothes so that they would smell the most like home and leave the scent wherever we went. 

After putting up the signs all over the neighborhood and checking at the local humane society, we started going door to door all up and down our road with flyers. When someone who usually hates talking on the phone and meeting strangers gets over their introversion and does all that, you know things are extreme. It felt so good to do something, but every false lead made our hearts sink. It was hard to keep our spirits up.

By six, we were so exhausted and discouraged. Thankfully we had friends who had come over to make us dinner. I don't know what we would have done if they hadn't been there with a hot meal and hugs. We hadn't had a real meal since Saturday morning and things looked better after refueling. We were going to head out and do a thorough search of the whole area that evening, thinking Ellie would probably be moving when it was cooler and darker.


As I got up from our table and looked out our screen door, who did I see but Ellie! She slunk onto the front porch and sniffed the things we'd left out there to help guide her back. She almost looked like a different cat, she was so skinny and skittish. But I knew it was her right away. I was so scared she'd run away again as I unlocked the door and hurried outside to grab her.

Once she was inside we realized how tired, thirsty and hungry she was. It had been almost 3 days exactly to when she ran off and we don't think she found much to eat, drink or rest during that time. She looked unsteady on her feet and emptied her food and water bowls multiple times that night. We on the other hand smothered her with kisses and hugs.


To say we were happy would be an understatement. We just couldn't believe the ordeal was over. And to think that if we hadn't taken that earlier flight, we wouldn't have been around when she showed up! It made it all worth it!  

We've been on cloud nine ever since. It may be hard to understand if you've never had a pet go missing, but it's a special sort of torture to know your fur baby is out there and you can't help it. She could probably get away with murder right now and we'd just let her. The one thing we won't be allowing anytime soon is outdoor time.



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Small Joys: Kitty Antics

Happy Friday! I thought I’d do a really silly post after the more serious one earlier.

If you’ve been around here for any amount of time, you know that Dave and I really really love our cats. Somehow theses two fur beasts have become seriously important part of our little family. We miss them on vacation, we narrate the world through their eyes, and they make our house even more of a home.

We acknowledge the hassle, mess and inconvenience they add to our life, but the joy and love they bring far outweighs any of the cons.

I thought I might share some of their antics, since they have us cracking up on the daily with their goofiness. If this one of those “only funny to the story teller” moments, please laugh politely or quietly inch out of the room and let me live in happy ignorance of how crazy we really are. Thanks and here goes:

  • Both Ellie and Fritz enjoy stealing random items to use as toys. Some of the weirdest stolen good have been: a baby potato, plastic bags, buttons and especially boxes, even boxes only their head would fit in.
  • Fritz’s enjoyment of splashing and standing and dipping everything in his water dish has won him a half raccoon standing in our home.
  • I recently set up a large desk in our 2nd bedroom and Ellie has claimed a good portion of it for herself so she can watch me work… and munch on my succulents. She pretends to be aloof, but I’m pretty sure she secretly likes me.
  • Fritz has always had weird tastes, but recently he has gone crazy for lettuce. In the same way a dog begs for a sliver of steak, Fritz will meow and ask for lettuce when I’m washing it. He comes running at the first sound of leaves being torn.
  • Since Fritz’s tail was amputated and he only has a little nub, his balance and jumping skills are a bit off. Ellie — being the typical mean older sister — uses that to her advantage and retreats to high places Fritz can’t reach. Recently, she’s starting getting on our fridge and cabinets in the kitchen.
  • When we visited Dave’s parents for his Grandpa’s memorial and brought the cats, I didn’t realize how attached they are to us specifically. Even though they had a house 4 times the size of our home to roam, they always came back to our room. And the whole weekend, they showed obvious preference to cuddle with Dave and I. I think they do like us, even if it isn’t as much as we like them.

Thanks for sticking with me through my crazy cat lady ramblings. Have a wonderful and cozy weekend!