Jump: Waiting for the Parachute

Eight months things fell into place that had us becoming small business owners. We can't take much credit for the way it worked out. We merely knocked on a door that seemed in line with our goals. It felt like we barely had to do anything except say “yes” and we ended up on this adventure.

Looking back, the years of experience, multiple jobs, and hundreds of conversations about our dreams led to this point. However, the actual acquisition of this business surprised us with how effortless it was compared to what we would have expected. Once it was meant to work out, it happened quickly and the decision was easy. Within less than a month Dave left his corporate job, signed the papers and began to manage this new endeavor.

In hindsight, Dave's diverse resume makes sense now. It was meant to lead here. Each step in his path taught him the skills he needs everyday now. There are few things in my life that I am as confident about as our decision to jump into this thing.

All that said, if the acquisition of the business was simple and painless, the months since then have been the opposite. As the excitement wore off, we settled into the hard work of making it a success. Dave commutes 1.5 hours (one way) to work in the town where the business is based. Some weeks we spend multiple nights apart so that he can cut down some of the drive time. On nights he’s home we try and get into some sort of exhausted rhythm. We survived 7 months on my sole income, so that we wouldn't sabotage the business' growth by taking a salary too early. We haven't been able to invest in much else and most of the time we've been drained.

If we're completely honest, it’s been rough. We’ve made it work. We’ve sucked it up. We’ve tried to keep perspective. And we’ve struggled through many nights apart, disappointed expectations and tricky miscommunications. We've done all in hope and trust that someday it'll pay off.

We dream this will allow us to raise our family together. We dream of flexibility and the time to take long camping trips. We dream of making a difference in the lives of our employees and customers. We dream of creating a fair and successful company. We dream of comfortably supporting whatever size family we end up with.

Mostly we dream that someday the tears, sweat, and sacrifices we've made will give us time and life together.

You cannot just exist in this life. You have got to try to live. If you are waking up thinking there has got to be more to your life than there is, man believe that it is. But to get to that life, you’re gonna have to jump. ... When you first jump, your parachute will not open right away. I’m sorry, I wish I could tell you it did, but it don’t. ... You’re going to be bleeding pretty bad. But eventually, the parachute has to open.
— Steve Harvey

[Note: I feel it necessary to mention that I know other people have it much, much harder. We are infinitely grateful for the opportunities we have the privilege of pursuing.]