Sunshine Getaway: Florida

We got out of town this past weekend. Back around Christmas time we decided this was the year we'd head down to visit Dave's grandparents at their condo in Florida and pulled the trigger on some plane tickets. 

What we didn't know was that by the second week of February we'd be desperate for some sunshine and rest. In Michigan we only saw the sun twice in January and not much more this month. So jumping on that plane on Friday and walking out of the airport in Fort Meyers into 75 degree weather felt like the best sort of dream.

I haven't spent much time in tropical places. I counted it up and this was probably only my 5th time seeing palm trees in real life. I couldn't get over how unfamiliar the plants and animals were. It felt like a totally different planet from home. The only plants I recognized were ones I know as house plants. In Florida, they're hedges and in flowerbeds. The world is a seriously cool place. I love getting reminders of that.

We didn't do much while we were there. Which was perfect. Mostly we took time to rest, soak up as much sunshine as possible and visit with our grandparents. It felt amazing to leave all the stress of work and house renovation at home and sit by a pool.

My favorite part of vacations is taking time to watch the sunset. Someday I dream of living a life that allows me to enjoy the sunset every day. It happens every day and yet we soak it in so rarely. We got to see three perfectly clear sunsets while down there and I resisted the temptation to collect buckets of seashells to take home. They were so pretty, but I never know what to do with them once I've taken them away from the beach.

Dave and I both read The Magnolia Story on this trip. It was such an easy and fun read, with some gems of wisdom and good life perspective. The book was a great conversation starter and helped inspire us. Highly recommend.

I always thought that the “thriving” would come when everything was perfect, and what I learned is that it’s actually down in the mess that things get good
— Joanna Gaines, The Magnolia Story

Getting away for a long weekend does such wonders for our relationship and mental health. It helps us take a step back and ask hard questions about the way we're living, our values and goals.

We came home with sun-kissed cheeks and a firm resolution to do more little trips like this.