Small Joys: XI

Gathering up things that brought joy this week and taking a moment to be grateful.

My rule for November has been to say "no" to just about everything. It took us until October to wrap up all the visits and commitments that we wanted to fit into the summer. So right now we've started saying no to new things on our calendar. It's rather freeing. November also happens to be Dave's busiest season for the business, so we've had to defend what time he does have at home to give him some time to recover from how hard he works during the week. We just need time at home.

There is so much to be grateful for, these are just a few things that have stood out to me recently:

-- New bed. When Dave and I got married we didn't get a new bed. Instead we crammed ourselves into my full size and made do for a year and a half. It wasn't terrible, but we started waking up with allergies and soreness. After a month long research process looking into what sort of mattress we wanted, we ended up settling on a natural latex one. And we got it in king. It's been amazing. No sniffles and sneezes in the morning, no waking up with crinks and so much room to spread out.

-- Sunny Days. We had one dreary day this week and it reminded me how hard it is to wake up in the cold months when the sun never comes out. It's made me grateful for every day the sun DOES shine.

-- Coffee. It's becoming a Gilmore Girl level obsession. I look forward to going to bed because I know coffee comes in the morning.

-- The big oak tree outside my office window. It's turned from green to yellow and now it's the most delicious toasted brown.

-- Predesigned Christmas Cards. In my perfectionism I had ambitions to design a custom Christmas card. I finally admitted to myself that was too much and there are 100s of designs out there will do just fine. Now to pick one!

-- Finally figuring out how to put together a Hasi & Co. newsletter. I'd love it if you'd subscribe HERE. :)