Small Joys: X

Gathering up things that brought joy this week and taking a moment to be grateful.

-- medicine // This week started out rough. I'd been battling a cold for weeks and was at a breaking point. I'd been doing all the things you're supposed to when sick (vitamins, tea, sleep, etc) and nothing seemed to help. On Wednesday it got so bad that I was convulsively sneezing and my entire face was leaking various nasty stuff and itching like crazy. I saw by chance an Instagram post where someone was talking about their seasonal allergies and I thought "maybe that's what I have?" Sure enough a quick google confirmed that my symptoms were much more aligned with allergies than a cold. I've never had them this bad and just assumed: fall = colds. Silly me! I picked up allergy meds after work, and have only sneezed once since then. I'm hitting myself for not figuring all this out earlier, but I'm so so so grateful that I can function again.

-- surprises // I opened our mailbox yesterday to find a package from my sister in law. She'd included a cute notebook and encouraging note. It was just what I needed.

-- fall // the leaves around here have been drop dead gorgeous. literally. (sorry :) )

-- weekend plans // we're headed to visit our grandparents this weekend and their home is such a retreat for us. It'll be so lovely to drive through the changing colors and take some time to slow down. We've found many time a low key weekend away from home is more restful than being at home where our projects and work constantly beckon. 

With that, I hope you have a lovely weekend.  Happy Friday.