Small Joys: VIII (Iceland Edition)

Gathering up things that brought joy this week and taking a moment to be grateful.

Hallo from Iceland! I know it's been a while, but I hope you've followed along a bit on Instagram. We haven't slowed down enough to write anymore than a short blurb to help remember ever day. Today was a bit of a doozie (our first so far) due to rain all day. But that means tonight that we're hunkered down and all cozy in our camper van.

The days have been filled to the brim with things that I don't want to forget and I'll be sure to share more once we get home, but for now here are a few that I've really enjoyed.

-- An adventure buddy with patience. This morning alone we had spilled coffee, spoiled milk, and wet car seats in rapid succession. If Dave weren't as patient as he is, it really could have made things worse. In fact without a good attitude and shaking off of the little things, we'd never have made it this far. 

-- Any time we meet a nice person. I've seen, met and passed by so many people this week and the people who smile and are friendly make an obvious difference in my mood as well. It's such a small, tiny effort but really cheers anyone up.

-- Skyr.

-- Hours and hours of drive time to chat and laugh with Dave. So good.

-- All the Scandinavian design. sigh. The homes are so dreamy and if the shops are any indicator what people put in their homes, they must be lovely. I only wish I could do an Iceland home tour and copy everything. Someday I'll live in a home surrounded by birch trees, right?

-- These moments: