Small Joys: Scenes of Home

Joy comes to us in ordinary moments. We risk missing out when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary.
— Brene Brown

Spring is creeping into Michigan. Slowly. 2 steps forward, 1 step backward. Yesterday it was in the 50, today in the 20s. But the birds are singing their hearts out every time I go outside and the sun shows up more and longer. Little green mystery shoots are poking their heads out of our flower beds. It's a time of new energy and life. 

Similarly, indoors things are finally taking shape. Last weekend we spent alot of time working on house projects. And while we've been working away at these things for 3 months, it's just now that things are coming together. After we cleaned up and put away our tools, I couldn't stop exclaiming as I walked around the house as little scenes emerged that felt so homey. Nothing is complete or perfect, but things are starting to feel like we live in a home and not a construction zone. And it feels so good.

Gathering up things that brought joy this week and taking a moment to be grateful.

Dump Zone: We have a tiny closet by our back door that couldn't even serve as coat storage. So I added shelves and an electrical outlet. Now we have a place to dump phones, keys, purses, hats, pens, and all the other random things that were on our kitchen counters before.

Succulent buds: I'm really, really hoping those little buds are baby succulent blooms. I'm waiting in anticipation. The lower one is turning more and more yellow from the inside, so maybe?

Peg Rail: We had no towel rack in our bathroom for too long. I never knew how much I loved having a place to hang my towel until I didn't have one. Also, I want a peg rail in every room of our house now.

The entry: We have the tiniest front entry. It's barely a corner, and definitely not a room. But Dave painted it charcoal this weekend and I cleaned up that glorious wood door. Every time I see it, I get a little thrill of joy. I just love that color with the wood tones.

This stinker: She's been finding the funniest and most random hiding spots. I barely opened this drawer and turned around and she was already staking a claim to it. Always giving me a reason to smile.


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