Making Merry: Our 1st Guest Series

Now that another Thanksgiving is in the books and we've lit the first Advent candle, I'm all about that holly, jolly, merry, & bright spirit. 

Despite the fact that commercial Christmas creeps earlier and earlier into November, I never feel quite right diving in until after we've finished off the pumpkin pie. I've been doing small things to prepare, like order Christmas cards and such, but holiday tunes don't feel right until after turkey time. 

I already can't wait to repeat old traditions and continue establishing our own this December. I love doing the comfort of doing the same things every year. It's a surefire way to create that feeling of cheer and comfort for the season. We've had so much fun identifying what about our childhood made Christmas time feel special and build on those things. 

This year I asked some sweet friends to write about their traditions and how different places have influenced their Christmas celebration. I'm so excited to share their stories, since hearing about other people's holiday rituals is one of my favorite things. I'll probably even steal some of their ideas and adopt them for my own. Every Friday of Advent we'll hear from one more lady about how she and her family make Christmas merry. I can't wait! 

If you have Christmas traditions — big or small — I would be so excited to hear about them. Please share! Seriously, please, do.


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