Life Lately (+ Small Joys)

With everything that's been going on with the holidays and moving, I figured it was time to do a little update on what life over here looks like these days.

To be honest, I barely recognize it right now. The main players are all the same — job, kitties, husband, family — but the place, the routine, the rhythm are all different.

Our first week here was filled with the excitement and joy of Christmas, family time and newness. As all that wore off and we were left with a ginormous mess, renovations in every room, and no space that felt clean or cozy, things got a bit ugly. I don't want to be a downer, but have to admit that change is hard, we've had alot of it around here lately, and it hasn't all been sunbursts and butterflies.

There have been bright moments that confirm this decision and there have been times we look at each other and think "what have we gotten ourselves into?" And it's ok. These are the days we'll look back at with a chuckle. Because we're building a home here and it's going to feel so amazing when it's done.

With no further ado or whining, I gathered up a few things that brought joy this week and am taking a moment to be thankful.

-- Coffee. I go to bed looking forward to it.

-- Kitten cuddles for days. Literal days. Ellie has decided I am her favorite cat bed and spends hours upon hours sleeping on me while I work from home.

-- Our bathroom is mostly done. The floor is down. The vanity is in and the water is hooked up. The walls are no longer green. Little things like a TP holder and towel racks aren't in yet, but it's the one room of the house that feel nice to be in. And that's not to be underestimated.

-- Dave younger brother has been a lifesaver. After so many projects, Dave and I were a bit burned out, when his brother showed up and pretty much single handedly assembled the kitchen cupboards. He also had graciously been around at least 3 nights to help install the same cabinets and the countertop. I don't say this lightly, but he's the best.

-- An old friend we've reconnected with bundled up her two kids and brought me a loaf of fresh bread and a jar of homemade jam last week during my lunch. My house was a mess, she'd had a rough morning, but in that moment it was everything I needed.


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