House + Home: Sandhill Session

To celebrate finally finishing (!) up our year of renovating, furnishing, and decorating the new house we decided a little photo shoot was in order. 

I had some friends recommend Rachael a couple months ago. Finally with the need for Christmas card pictures looming, I sent her a quick message and she got back within hours. Her style and mine mesh beautifully, so it was an easy decision to work with her.

I'm extremely tempted to be insufferable and post all 50 plus pictures, but I'm going to try really hard to keep it to my favorites. I just can't get over how much I love love love them.

My vision was for a cozy, cuddly, coffee-filled shoot that reflected how much we love our new home and the land around it.

The day was drizzly and a little chilly, in other words, perfectly November and the right day for cuddles.


We would have been remiss if we left the Christmas tree farm out of the pictures. It lies directly across the street from us and we view it as an extension of our front yard. We've made friends with the farmer and adore going for walks through the trees.


We left the drizzle behind and cozied up inside with some coffee and kittens.