House + Home: Deck the Halls

The Christmas season has been strange for us this year. I knew when we decided to move, that things would be weird.

We're currently stuck between two houses. Our old house had to be pristine for showing until last week (we have an accepted offer in on it!). So I had to keep decorations to a minimum and we also didn't want to get a tree because we haven't been sure at which house we'd officially spend the holiday. Our new house is coming along nicely β€” the wood floors are being refinished this week β€” but I'm hesitant to make assumptions about how done it'll be or how much we'll be able to move in.

A week ago, I had a rough day feeling like everyone else in the whole world was getting to do Christmas-y stuff and I didn't. A bit dramatic, I admit, but feelings tend to be a tad irrational. I decided even without a tree, I'd enjoy some evergreen branches and add some cheer to our old home one last time.

I bought a few greenery bouquets plus a bunch of babies breath. I also took my snippers out to the yard and scavenged some cedar, white pine and spruce. I love grabbing things from the yard to bring inside. 

I figured out how to make a fresh garland with floral wire by tying branches together in the same technique I use for making wreaths. It was sticky work, but I loved being able to choose which greens I used.

Where else would I have found a garland that had white pine?  

My other big cheery pick me up was a set of plaid flannel sheets. I've want some for a while, but hadn't pulled the trigger. Growing up, we always received new sheets for Christmas Eve. We'd go to bed in our new Christmas Jammies in a freshly made bed and it was the best. This year I pulled out the new sheets early, but it's made going to bed so cheery and cozy.

Both of the cats immediately approved of the freshly made bed.

I added a string of lights to the garland and strung it over our doorway to the kitchen. Despite the fact that I don't have a tree, the combo of lights and pine makes up for it (mostly). Life is good when lights are twinkling. 


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