House + Home: the bathroom

This room has mostly been done for a couple month now, but we've been working on so hard on everything else that time got away from me before I finally took pictures. 

This was the first room we tackled after moving in. My first choice would have been the kitchen, but Dave has a thing about needing clean and nice bathrooms. To be fair this room was probably the grossest in the whole house, so it didn't take much to convince me. It ended up being a really good idea to do the bathroom first because it was a smaller project and gave us a place to shower and feel human after nights of working on other parts of the house.

Ok, so this is the best before and after shot I have. I had forgotten how bad it was until I pulled up the before picture. My jaw just about dropped to the floor when I saw it. How quickly we forget how nice the things we have are.


The first thing with our bathroom is that it's pretty tiny, so we didn't have a ton of options. Changing the layout was 100% out of the question and gutting the room wasn't necessary. 

So that left us with a list of wants/to dos:

  • New flooring
  • Paint
  • Remove medicine cabinet so it doesn't stick out into the room
  • New Vanity
  • New Light
  • New Door
  • Pretty Mirror

We got started pretty quickly after moving in. In fact, my parents came in the day after Christmas and helped tear out the old medicine cabinet and vanity. My mom scrubbed the tub and put together the Ikea puzzle that was the vanity cabinet. It was a nice surge of energy to have at the beginning of a project.

We debated for a while what to do for the flooring. I really wanted ceramic tile, but figuring out how to level the floor and how much higher the floor would be afterward deterred us. In the end we just went to Home Depot, picked out some peel and stick vinyl tile (I can't find them on their website) and stuck them to the existing subfloor. I did insist we leave space for grout between each tile to give it just a bit more of a "real" tile feel. 

Someday it might be nice to do a real tile floor, but this one it holding up great and the price point and installation were perfect for our situation.

Is it strange to want to write a love sonnet to my vanity and sink? Because I totally want to. We eliminated the medicine cabinet because it just ate up headspace and made the room feel smaller. (Personally I don't even see the point of medicine cabinets!) 

Anyway I love our vanity. It has two deep drawers below the sink and they hold all our toiletries and bathroom supplies except for towels. When it's time to tidy up the counter I just dump everything in the drawers and voila! all done. It's the best. I never want to go back to any other kind of bathroom cabinet.

I also adore that cute 3 panel door that Dave and his dad installed. In such a small room the door takes up a lot of the visual space and the door upgrade made a huge difference. Plus now we have a lock! I think our guests appreciate that. ;) 

My other favorite part of the bathroom is the peg rail. We needed a good amount of space for towels and such. I discovered peg rails in the depths of Pinterest and I want on in every room of our house now. They're dreamy — simple, functional, effortlessly cute — everything I love.

I scoured the internet for a round mirror in our price range. After agonizing for so long we found this one at our local Target. Just a classic instance of overthinking when the simple solution is best.

The same happened with the light over the sink. Our budget wasn't huge and everything I liked was insanely $$$$. We found this at Home Depot and I liked the type of light it gave. It's a nice glow for using the mirror and lights up the whole room well. I was initially worried about the mismatched metal finishes, but it doesn't even bother me and maybe a real interior designer would shake their head at me, but I don't care! I'm just happy to have a fresh, clean space for brushing my teeth.

I think from start to finish this room didn't take longer than 2 weeks. We had some good help and it was such a sweet relief to have it done. On to the next one!

Sources: Mirror | Vanity | Faucet | Shower Curtain | Peg Rail | Soap Dispenser | TP Holder



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