Home Again

As I sit here back home in Michigan, I can't believe how happy I am to be home and how grateful for the experiences we had while away. I love how a good vacation not only is a wonderful getaway, but how friendly and welcoming it is to come home after being gone. 

We were gone from home for 12 days, but for how much we saw, learned, and grew, it could have been a month. Since our honeymoon, we hadn't taken that much time away from every day, and it couldn't have come at a better time. We needed a break and relished the chance to enjoy time off in such a unique way.

To say that Iceland has a piece of our hearts would be an understatement. We're already saying "when we go back..." not "if." We'll be taking advantage of IcelandAir's Stopover program for sure. I don't think either Dave nor I have ever encountered a new land we loved quite like Iceland. It matches us. Iceland and our memories of it live in a special part of our hearts.

We'll be dealing with jet-lag this week. But we come back to fall in Michigan (the best season!) and everyday life is a bit fresher after time away. Here's to wearing my Icelandic sweater, getting an extra cup of coffee and diving back in. 

Happy Monday!