Hello Fall

Things around home feel very autumnal this week. The last 2 weeks we spent enjoying the Icelandic fall, so coming home it's still warmer and not nearly as colorful, but it's fun to get to jump in at the beginning of sweater weather after the preview we had while abroad.

On the first day of fall last week, we found ourselves with a free morning and no particular sight seeing or activities planned. We ended up finding a little scenic area off the beaten path enough that we were the only ones exploring it, other than the sheep. The birch trees all around were bright yellow and the ground cover had turned orange and red. 

The woods and hills were still. We chatted a bit, but mostly walked along marveling at the beauty and enjoying the peace. 

It's fortunate fall is such an enjoyable time, because it signals the end of so many other good things. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our Icelandic autumn hike and a few thoughts I have at the beginning of a new season.

A little playlist for a blustery afternoon filled with coffee and quiet thoughts. I find myself enjoying a peculiar mix of melancholy and romance, which this playlist tries to capture.

I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.
— Henry David Thoreau

Autumn Bucket List:

  • Learn how to make a mean homemade latte, preferably a flat white

  • Organize and process the 3000 pictures and hours of video footage we took in Iceland

  • Start a bullet journal

  • Sort/purge my supplies and redo the floor in my studio/office

  • Work on christmas gifts early

  • Host a bonfire or two

  • Plan and order our christmas card

  • Roast lots of veggies

  • Eat plenty of donuts with hot cider

P.S. If you were curious about how my summer goals turned out, here you go:

  • video // I created a few short videos and became comfortable enough that I feel confident I can 
  • herb garden // Success! We enjoyed fresh pesto on our pasta, mint in our drinks, plus chives, parsley and rosemary. Only the cilantro was a slight failure.
  • Leelanau // Times 2. I got up there twice and both trips were lovely. (one & two)
  • Hudson // erm. Well, he's perfectly function and we used him 3 times this summer. Unfortunately my steam ran out a bit. But I'm hoping we use him a bit more this fall and that I'll find some more motivation to finish him before next season.
  • road trip plan // Done and done. It ended up working out perfectly and I'm so glad I did all the research before we were on the road in Iceland
  • skin care regime // This is still a work in progress. There were weeks this summer that I felt like I had the prettiest complexion of my life and a couple that were terrible. Right now I just need to get back on track, because camping for 10 days in a camper van threw my routine off.
  • studio // A month ago I would have said this was done. Then we redid our bedroom and the studio became the overflow room for sorting and storage. Right now it's a disaster zone, but hopefully not long term.