Dear Little Yellow House

Tonight is our last in our first house and as is typical with me, I'm feeling all sentimental and nostalgic about it.

Dear Little Yellow House,

I remember 3 years ago when we were waiting for the sale on you to go through, before we were married, on a beautiful fall day, I stopped in the driveway and put my hand on your siding. I prayed that everything would work out. That Dave would find a home in your walls and that I would join him once we were married. I prayed my hopes and dreams and deepest desires that afternoon. I don't think I could have ever imagined what a blessing a little house could be.

I also didn't imagine that we'd say good bye so soon. But somehow we are. 

I've divided my life into chapters according to the homes I've lived in. Each place important, even those I barely remember: my aunt and uncle's house in Austria for the first 2 months of my life, the little house on Prospect Street in the north, the farm I grew up on in southern Michigan, my many college dorm rooms and now our first little house, the home I became an adult in. Each chapter and special in its own right, but the three and a half years here will always be especially dear.

Little Yellow House, thank you.

Thank you for being our first home. 

Thank you for being the place I learned to be a wife and where we came home after our honeymoon to start life together. For being the place we unpacked our wedding gifts and found them their places in cabinets and drawers.

Thank you for having so much potential and giving us a place to learn how to work on projects together. For being the place where we learned that clutter weighs us down and clean, bright spaces make peaceful living easier. 

Thank you for being the home we brought our kittens to and where we learned how amazing it is to be greeted by sweet little noses when we walk through the door. 

Thank you for being a place we were happy to host and welcome people to visit. Some of my favorite memories are bonfires and dinners shared with friends.

Thank you for being a refuge when we needed it. For giving us a place to lick our wounds and heal as we learned how hard the world could be. But also for being the launching pad for going back out and facing things that scared us, but ultimately make us stronger and better.

Thank you for the safety to dream and discuss the big decisions that would make those dreams reality. For being a haven to crash into when the hard work of making dreams happen left us drained and weary.

Little Yellow House, thank you for being the home where we became a family. For all the cozy nights and dinners cooked with golden light filling the kitchen. For the good times and the hard times.

We are better for the time we spent here. There is no way we'll forget our first little home.