a toast

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My little sister, Magdalena (always Magdi to me), got married a little over a month ago. It was a wonderful day and a really fun weekend. Dave and I still look at each other and say "I miss that weekend. That was fun." 

Well, she got her pictures back and I thought I'd share a few of them as well as the little toast I was honored to give at their reception.

Good Evening.  

I’m Esther, and I am very happy to be here tonight to celebrate the wedding of my baby sister Magdi to this tall dude. My mom made me promise not to make anyone cry, so I’m going to do my best.

Thank you all for being here today. I know some of you have come from far and no matter the distance I know it means so much to Magdi, Christian and our whole family.

Magdi, I still remember getting to listen to your heart beat through a stethoscope while still in utero, so you might say we’ve been friends since before you were born. With 23 years of knowing Magdi under my belt, I may be the closest thing to an expert on Magdi. So, Christian, as the bossy, know-it-all big sister, I thought I’d help you out and share some insight.

First things first, in case the 5 coffee making devices you two registered for weren’t a sufficient enough hint, always make sure Magdi has a steady stream of coffee. I’m pretty sure half her blood content is caffeine and I wouldn’t suggest depriving her.

Secondly, if Magdi ever suggests you have a sleep over with goats and chickens, politely decline. I once said yes and we ended up with fleas.

Additionally, if you haven’t yet, you’ll soon learn that Magdi is a girl with a soft heart. I once woke up in the middle the night to her sobbing across the room because a Doctor Who character had died. Be careful what movies you let her watch!

Don’t be surprised if you stop being called Christian and just become “Magdalena’s husband” especially in Hillsdale County. She’s known everywhere she goes, and those around her are defined by their relationship to her. Case in point, I’ve been “Magdalena’s Sister” for years.

Finally, if you know what’s good for you, don’t keep her up late to get stuff done or to settle an argument, just give her a kiss and send her off to bed. This girl doesn’t operate well without sleep and woe to anyone who gets in the way of her and her bed.

Christian, that’s about it, you are now prepared for all that lies ahead. You have chosen a wonderful woman to be your wife and all I ask is that you take good care of her and keep her laughing.

In conclusion, how appropriate that on the same fair grounds that Magdalena won countless 4H blue ribbons she’s celebrating her biggest trophy yet — both literally and figuratively.

All joking aside, from the bottom of my heart, it gives me great pleasure to finally call you my brand new very tall, little brother.

Please raise your glasses to Magdalena and Christian. May the happiness you have tonight only be the start of a wonderful life together.

P.S. I made my mom cry anyway, but I think by that time she was already a lost cause and anything would have got her going. ;) 

Photo credits: Luna Dolce Photography