A Peek at our Christmas

Christmas was a success around here. Things were a bit different, but still very good.

We got a tree late on the 23rd. In fact the tree farm was already closed, but we tracked down the owner and practically begged to get a tree. He actually ended up giving us one of the display trees for free and I love it. It's the only thing in our living room right now and it's so pretty. 

We spent all day Christmas in our matching PJs and enjoyed family time, lots of food, games and gifts. It felt calmer and quieter than in past years, but since I was a bit under the weather, that was just fine.

Dave gave me some coffee making equipment and the rest of my gifts fell into the category of "Keep Esther Warm." I got a fluffy hat, wool socks, hot water bottle and a really sweet blanket (Rumpl). 

Our new house really feels like the big present this year. It's just so exciting to dig into things and make it our own. 

I really hope you have a wonderful last couple days of the year. This season is so special.