24 Hour Girls Getaway: Leland

Our long weekend was chock full of different activities including house projects, family time and a super quick getaway. It felt almost like we had 3 separate weekends instead of one long one, each section felt so different. 

The most relaxing part of the weekend was my one night trip to Leland to meet up with one of my best college friends. We stayed at a cottage on Lake Leelanau within walking distance of Leland's adorable downtown and Fishtown. If you saw my post from Saturday, you know how much I love that place. It can be super touristy and overrun in the afternoon, so we headed into town in the morning and enjoyed it while it was still cool and sleepy. 

We grabbed breakfast sandwiches and sat outside my favorite coffee shop with delicious lattes for close to an hour. We had no where to be and the slight autumnal chill in the air left us aware that we should soak up the sun and warm days while they're still here. 

I forgot to put a SD card into my DSLR, so all the snaps from the weekend are from my phone. It was relaxing to savor conversation and friendship without a camera. I have been working on treasuring experiences as they happen and not spending the whole time documenting them. It's such a delicate balance between recording the memory and enjoying it in the moment.

We bummed around, did a little shopping (I scored that beautiful indigo rug, and my friend got a matching one!), laid out on the dock, drank so much coffee and didn't stop chatting once. It was so good for my soul and I'm longing to be back. With signs of falls approach appearing, it makes me happy to know I squeezed one last summer-y mini trip in. 

I really hope your long weekend was refreshing and filled with moments to savor.

Happy first (short!) week of September!