Quickest Bedroom Update

We have a new bedroom. And it only took a week. It's the same room, same furniture, and same house. But it feels like a completely new room. I love it and my husband who did all the hard work.

A little backstory: Dave bought our house before we were married and the bedrooms had been painted before I had much input. He picked a pretty blue for the walls, but wasn't able do anything about the gross carpet. We lived happily with this setup for a year after our wedding. The room was cozy, but dusty and a bit overcrowded. And this summer we started to have terrible allergies directly related to being in our bedroom with the nasty 12 year old carpet.

Then last weekend, while I was in Leland, Dave tore out the carpet and I came home to a bare floor. It was a bit surprising to jump into such a large project just 10 days before a major vacation, but we just couldn't live with it anymore. Dave was a beast and put vinyl plank down running from the bathroom into the bedroom in just 3 days.

The same floor in both rooms unites them and creates a master suite feel. The blue rug was a chance find in a small shop in Leland last weekend. On the spur of the moment on Thursday night, we decided to repaint the walls white. We got the "1 coat guarantee"  bucket of paint and tag teamed it so that within 2 hours we had fresh walls as well. I can't get over how much I love it all together. It feels so different and so much more "adult" than the previous bedroom.

There are a few more things I plan on adjusting (longer curtains, textured bedding, some art, etc), but for now I'm just going to soak it up the way it is.

We've also taken this as a chance to purge through our closet and under bed storage. I'm not letting any of that clutter back into my peaceful sleep oasis room. Here's to starting the week feeling super fresh because I woke up in a lovely room. Happy Monday!