Into the Woods

We took this past weekend to introduce some of our high-school-aged friends to the fun of backpacking. We couldn’t tell if they had fun (we must have worn them out!), but we had a blast ourselves. We hiked only 11 miles in 2 days, but it’s one of the prettiest stretches I’ve hiked. The Manistee River Trail below Hodenpyl Dam is a quintessential hiking trail. As we walked along, we had the river on one side and fairyland forest on the other. The trail wove up and down creek beds, crossed foot bridges, and gave us many chances to look down on the river valley.

I did things a bit differently on this trip. Usually I keep my camera in hand at all times and worry too much about capturing everything. This time I left my camera safe in my bad during the day and pulled it out after we were done hiking and were just chilling in camp.

The light was so much better in the evening and I loved soaking up the light and woods in this way.

Hope your week is off to a good start. We’re savoring these August days all the more because we know summer’s end is coming quickly.