Small Joys: VI

Gathering up things that brought joy this week and taking a moment to be grateful.

Chocolate Coconut Almonds. I discovered these at Aldi (since then we've realized the Trader Joes version is identical) and bought them as a "healthy" road trip snack. I'm addicted. They capture the coconut essence without making you deal with coconut's awkward texture. The dark chocolate-almond combo is a well established classic, but by adding the coconut it lightens everything up into a huge yum. Most of the time a couple of these are enough to be a full dessert substitute, though I'd rather you didn't ask me how many I've already eaten today. 

My coworker shared her vanilla creamer with me and it made my morning coffee that much better.

Our plans for Iceland are coming together and it feels so good to be prepared. I love the feeling of knowing we've done all we can to get ready. Thankful for the internet. Just a few other loose ends to wrap up. 

We've been so busy this summer and haven't spent a weekend at home since the beginning of July. It's felt a little exhausting at times, but I'm so happy that we haven't wasted a single day of this beautiful season. We've filled them with lake days, long dinners with friends and plenty of new experiences. This stage of life is such a sweet time to soak up the freedom to explore wherever and whenever we may want to. Grateful for a summer full of adventures.

My little sister is interning in Germany this fall and she started a blog about her experience. It's so fun to see her striking out into the world and succeeding on her own. 

Finally, I'm so grateful for this awesome thing I heard Dave say today. I got in the car at lunch time and he said "I just can't see working with any other company. I want to stay with them for the rest of my life." He just got back from the annual corporate meetings (he bought his own franchise of this really cool company back in the spring). After years of doubts, struggles and questioning his career, I never expected to hear words like that come out of his mouth. Seeing him so happy and peaceful about his career feels nothing short of a miracle. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!