August Retreat: Tennessee

A couple weeks ago, Dave's older brother asked if we'd like to join him and his wife and a few other friends for a weekend on a lake in Tennessee. Miraculously we had the weekend he was asking about free and were able to finagle a couple extra vacation days to make it work. 

We were on Norris Lake in Tennessee, which is technically a reservoir created by a dam built during the 1930s. The banks are insanely steep and the water is unnaturally green. I couldn't believe the landscape; it was so unlike anything I'd ever seen. I love discovering beauty in places I never knew existed.

Don't let me fool you into thinking we spent the time merely contemplating. There were many deep conversations, long laughs, and water shenanigans.

The wonderful couple who hosted us also had a boat with all the equipment for various water sports. I had the opportunity to discover wake surfing and wake boarding, both of which I loved. The southern water was crazy warm and I never expected to succeed at wake boarding, much less enjoy it as much as I did. I couldn't believe it.

My last turn behind the boat on Sunday was during the golden hour. Skimming across the water, I couldn't help whooping a couple times in pure joy at how clear the light and colors were. I will treasure that memory of pure bliss for a long time to come. So grateful for opportunities to soak up good people, fun and beautiful nature. 

P.S. Just a little video I put together of Dave and I wake-boarding together and even holding hands for a short time. My summer goal of learning how to make videos has been such a great challenge.