Wedding: vision & execution

It’s no secret that Dave-man and I love a good adventure in the great outdoors. In fact I fell for him in the woods of Northern Michigan (full story here). Our wedding was always going to reflect our love for the outdoors and nature and my passion of crafting and handmade items.

When I started to imagine our wedding I saw lots of snow, sparkly stars, wool blankets, and cozy details. I thought a winter wedding would be perfect. Something along these lines:

Once we realized our wedding date would be May 16… well all the visions of cozy sweaters and snowflakes were out of the question.

I played around with colors and textures. I considered the venue we had: a pretty average church building and gym. Everything came together into a vision that looked something like this:


We planned and crafted and honestly once we got going I totally forgot I had created this little inspiration board. I was looking through our wedding pictures after we got them last week and I suddenly thought back to those early planning stages and realized we totally nailed it. Not only did we set a goal and hit it, I think it all turned out even more perfect that I could have imagined. I took that inspiration board and inserted the actual pictures from our wedding:

I had to add a brown color swatch because we used much more burlap and brown than I first thought we would. But every other element either is spot on or even better than our inspiration.

Here is the icing on the cake of evolution of our vision for this day. We didn’t plan it in any way, but we happened upon a little path going through some woods during our couple portraits and our amazing photographer snapped this:

Doesn’t it just personify woodsy fairy tale to you? And that was our goal all along.

Wedding photos: Sally O’Donnell Photography