Leelanau 2015

It seems funny to do a weekend summary 2 days before we head off again. Thursday is the start of a 4 day weekend for us and we just got back on Sunday from Up North. I’m far from complaining about a short week though. Yay for long summer weekends!

We took off as soon as I was out of work on Friday; we zipped out of town in Mikey the Miata and headed north to Glen Arbor. Our friend had rented a condo and we joined him for the weekend. We enjoyed cruising M22, strolling through touristy downtown Glen Arbor, and plenty of beach time and lovely sunsets.

It was about 75 degrees all weekend and perfectly sunny. Unfortunately Lake Michigan is still only about 50 degrees and way too cold for any swimming.

Sunday morning, Dave-man and I drove up to Fishtown in Leland and wandered around before it got busy. We loved driving with the top down and just soaking up the dreamy summer days. These are the days when we fall in love with Michigan all over again and again and again.

P.S. Michigan finally seems to be getting due credit for being a great place. Something us Michiganders have known for years.