I would like to introduce Fritz.

He’s Ellie’s new little brother and has been lighting up our lives with kitten antics. He’s a cuddler, porker, and pro toy mouse chaser.

Almost two weeks ago, this little guy popped up on my Facebook newsfeed in a Humane Society post. I should have known that following the Humane Society would directly lead to another fur baby. His little face may have very quickly wiggled its way into my heart.

So we went to see this little guy. And found out that he had his tail amputated due to past negligence. He was a stinky and skinny little guy. But he was so happy to get any little bit of love. I just wanted to give him a good home and get him out of his bad situation.

When I brought him home, he needed a bath immediately and a day later I gave him another because he is a smelly little dude.

Ellie was not a happy big sister kitty at first. Mostly the little guy scared her. She was used to two doting humans, so a stinky, tail-less squirt was pretty disruptive to her life. However, she has since realized a live squeeze toy is much more fun than he is scary. We’ve caught them licking each other and even cuddling if they think no one is watching. It’s been one of my favorite things to watch Ellie become a cute and somewhat loving big sister kitty.

He has adjusted quite nicely and we’re excited for his little tail nub to grow fur. He’s going to look like a little bear cub once his bum isn’t bare anymore.

Since Ellie grew out of her kitten stage, Dave-man is the one she goes to for cuddles. I have been soaking up all the little kitten cuddles that Fritz is willing to give. I’m hoping and praying he is a cuddly kitty all his life, because that would really float my boat.

In case you thought I’ve become a crazy cat lady, my justification is that Ellie has pretty much chosen to be Dave-man’s kitty and since I’m engaged I really can’t be a crazy cat lady, after all cat ladies have like 15 cats and live alone in huts, right? I’m really just a lover of fluffy cuddle buddies and feel like my little fur baby family is complete with the addition of this little runt.