Chicago: July 2015

These seem to be all I go these days. But in the summer we seem to stuff every weekend with more activities and trips than seems sane. We want to do all the things! This past weekend that adventure on the docket was Chicago.

It was Dave’s first real big US city outing. He’s a country boy through and through so I was a bit worried he’d hate it. But the right   combo of good food, friends, and not over doing it led to a “not bad” assessment of the day.

We spent Saturday traipsing through downtown hitting up some Chi-town classics: Millennium Parkthe Signature LoungePortillos, and of course the Magnificent Mile or as Dave called it the “Magic Mile.”

We were visiting some dear friends and it was so fun to be somewhere exciting and new with them. Catching up while having drinks 95 floors above a world class city isn’t too shabby.

After a relaxing morning,  Sara and I headed back into the city on Sunday evening for a Taylor Swift concert. Now if you’ve known me for any amount of time you’ll know of my undying love for Tswift. I remember the first time I heard one of her songs — at a girls camp in Chicago when I was 15. Talk about full circle!

We had seats pretty far back, but it gave us such an awesome view of everything. Taylor had sold out Soldier Field so we partied like it was 1989 with over 50,000 other happy Swifties. It was a beautiful night and Chicago’s skyline lit up as the sun set behind the stage.  I’ve been waiting years to see Taylor live and it was dream come true. She’s a stellar entertainer and such a cutie. I was as charmed by her in “real life” as I have been through the years.  We packed the weekend full of unforgettable memories and it may have meant a sleepy Monday morning, but I’m sure we’d do it all over again. I have been grinning every time I hear a Tswift song on the radio from the pure joy of remembering our weekend in Chicago.

Have a wonderful week! Same time next week for another weekend wrap up. ok? ok.