Bathroom Reveal


Somehow I spent an entire week staying up until 1am painting and I survived. And now that I have a fresh and cheery bathroom, I actually think it might have been worth it. It isn’t done, but the most dramatic transformation is. While the pictures don’t go from terrible to amazing, it did become a pleasant space. Here is a little before/after comparison:

My original plan was:

  1. Visually make the room feel larger with a lighter wall color (it’s still the bright blue you see in the first image) — I’m thinking a light gray.
  2. Incorporate some bead board — Just because I love it!
  3. Find a new solution to the medicine cabinet issue — probably just take it out and replace with a mirror against the wall
  4. Rework the space over the toilet to work better for storage.
  5. Set the storage situation up to prevent clutter on the vanity.

So far I’ve accomplished:

  1. New paint! A darker gray than I thought originally wound up being light enough to brighten up the whole room. And I painted one wall white which also helped.
  2. Bead board wallpaper in the toilet nock and east wall — this stuff is so cool. Cut it with scissors, wet it down, hang it up and then paint it. No sawing, nailing or heavy lifting work necessary the way true bead board would require. Magical!
  3. I removed the medicine cabinet and have a place holder mirror up for now — still looking for a pretty mirror to go above the vanity. I also updated the lighting above the vanity with a new fixture. It was my first adventure into electrical work, and I’m pleased with the result.
  4. The space above the toilet still is not finished, but I am currently working on a solution to create a bit more storage for all our extra toiletries and such. Keep an eye out for what I come up with. I’m excited and hoping my idea turns out as cute as I think it will.
  5. Storage — I’m a huge clutter bug… I leave my make up out and never put away my things. It drives me crazy, but I’ve realized I have to set myself up for success and create solutions that make keeping things tidy super easy. So the little cubby shelf next to the vanity helps quite a bit. We added 3 baskets that I can dump my curling irons and hair dryer into and sweep my hair products into another. It isn’t perfect, but it’s working better. Plus we have 3 cubbies for towels and toilet paper storage.

So far so good! I think the bathroom has become my favorite room in the house, which is awkward since I can’t just hang out in there. Dave-man and I are still commenting a couple times a day how much we love the transformation. This one goes down as a win in my books.

I’ll sign off with a couple more pics.

Have a wonderful day!