Austria 2014: we're off

Well, this weekend we head out! The suitcases are pretty much packed and all the gifts are wrapped. In the end I would say 70% of my luggage is gifts and the rest is my clothes and stuff. So I succeeded in my  minimal packing. More room for chocolate on our way home!

I know alot has been said about how to dress for flying. As kids, flights were a huge deal β€” backpack full of goodies, the only time we ever got chewing gum and movies on the plane β€” and these days they are just as exciting for slightly different reasons. Thinking through clothes that I won't mind being in for over 24 hours, that are comfy for the plane, but cute enough for a stroll through Vienna I came up with this:

Essentially it came down to just wearing all my favorites. Plus a hat for hair coverage so I don't have to worry about it once it starts looking weird or smelling funny. I am also going to try using compression socks to see if that will help keep my feet from swelling. I've read that they are supposed to work. And though I don't love wearing my glasses, by the end of the trip I'm sure I'll have retired the contacts for my specs. Boots had to be included because they're the biggest shoe I'll take, though I'm dreading having to remove them for security checks. This whole outfit is currently in a zip lock bag ready to throw on after I stumble out of bed at 4am the day we leave. Yup, I'm way too organized about this.

I can't promise any posts or check-ins while we're gone, but I'll try. Have a great Christmas season!