Austria 2014: mini capsule

I'm the kind of person that tends to have 3 favorite items of clothing at one time and then wear that one outfit out. So in a way this packing list will let me do just that. Favorite sweater + leggings + scarf = forever. This list might not be quite 3 items, but for 3 weeks I'm keeping it pretty minimal:

gray cords | black skinnies | green wool cardigan | gray sweatshirt tunic | white cable knit cardigan

gray long sleeve T-shirt | breton top | chambray button down

dirndl | cami | tank top | scarves | PJs

leggings | fleece lined tights | warm socks

My plan is to take only my absolute favorite and most versatile pieces. With two pairs of pants, plus leggings, I'll be more than set on the bottom half. And all the tops can be worn together and/or interchangeably.

I'm sure you noticed one piece that seems a little unique. Austrian ladies wear dirndl — the traditional dress — during holidays and special occasions. It's based on the historical Alpine peasant clothing and includes a short blouse and apron. I have one that is blue with a red apron and never get a chance to wear here. So you can imagine my excitement to bust it out for Christmas Eve. Now I just need to convince Dave-man to get a pair of Lederhosen.

As a girl who   L o v e s   scarves it's killing me to downsize the selection to two (plus one or two for my outerwear). But, committing to this mini wardrobe isn't that bad because my two cousins overseas will let me borrow sweaters, scarves and such if I start to hate my own things. Also, I plan on doing a bit of shopping over there. So don't think of me as some extreme wardrobe capsuler or something. I'm really just saving room in my suitcase for bringing chocolate back.

And for fun, I'll leave you with some different combinations I came up with in case I want to mix it up from my favorite combo: