Love Story: part i

I’m never too grown up for a good ol’ Tswift lyric. And it’s perfect for this new mini series I thought would be fun to do.

In the month leading up to Valentine’s Day, I want to indulge in a little cheesy romantic posts and share our love story. It’s been a long and sometimes a rough road, but it’s important that I write it out and figure sharing it would be fun too. So here we go…

My earliest memory of my Mr. Dave-man is seeing him across campus and thinking “He’s cute.” Later I asked a friend and was informed he was in a relationship and I promptly dismissed him. At this point in college I was a single girl in a sorority which meant 2 to 3 times a semester I had to scout out and ask a different guy for each event that required a date — epitome of awkward. But in many ways I really appreciate that I did, because otherwise at my small college I don’t think I would have ever had the chance to interact with such a variety of guys. And in the end I learned the negotiable and the non-negotiable traits in someone I’d spend the rest of my life with.

Side-note: Dave-Man swears that his first memory of me was making fun of me during my freshman year for having a blue streak dyed into my hair — isn’t that sweet? ;)

So, until the end of his senior year we never met. We knew the same people, we were at the same events, we lived 1 block away from each other for 3 years, and probably passed each other countless times, but never met — until about a month before he was going to graduate.

He had recently come out of a relationship and I was still trying to get over a complicated situation. His roommate pretty much told Dave-man that I was a crazy flirty girl (still a bit grumpy my friendliness got misinterpreted). So that was his first opinion of me. Said roommate introduced us in the student union during lunch about a month before the school year ended. I don’t remember much except thinking Dave-man was nice enough and happy I finally had a face to put with his name. Neither of us can claim that it was love at first sight.

We got to know each other during the last week of the semester, mostly during huge beach volleyball games squeezed in between studying for finals. We hung out together in a big group of our friends, had a couple good conversations and realized we’d both be working for the college during the summer — me for the President’s Office and he doing a science-y internship. So we figured we’d hang out during the summer. The town we went to school in is tiny enough that during the summer the remaining students band together to hang out because there are so few of us around.

Dave on his graduation day

Dave on his graduation day

On the day he graduated, I gave him a congratulatory hug and promised him “we’ll have to hang out this summer.”

to be continued…

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