4 Years

Somehow Dave and I have been an “us” for 4 years today.

This feels like a bigger deal than our wedding anniversary was. Because our wedding was just a confirmation and cementing of what already was.

Last night we were lying in bed and I asked Dave if he knew I was going to be his wife 4 years ago when he kissed me for the first time. He totally surprised me when he said maybe not that night, but he did within a month after we started dating. I had no idea that he was sure about that so early on — sooner even than miss overly-attached me. A little piece of our love story that I didn’t know. I love that.

I’m a pretty sentimental person, so anniversaries are special to me. I love looking back how far we’ve come and look forward to what still will. So happy I get to do life with that handsome guy. Here’s to many more years!

P.S. Our love story here.