First Anniversary

Monday is our anniversary. 1 year of marriage down. What a year!

I’ve been thinking back to our wedding. I’ve had so many feelings and memories. Especially thinking how silly some things I thought were so important really weren’t and what things were totally worth it, that I’m still glad we did and would do again in a heartbeat.

Wedding photographer: Sally O’Donnell Photography She was all I never knew I needed in a wedding photographer. One of my biggest regrets was not thinking to get a picture with her. She was such a huge part of the day and I have no picture with her.

Wedding perfume: It was a random idea, but I love it. I bought this from Anthro and only wore it for the wedding weekend and honeymoon. Now whenever I smell it, the memories come flooding back. I think I’ll wear it on our Anniversary…

Veil: It’s a little cheesy to have a 10 foot veil, but I wanted this picture and I’m so glad I did it. When else do you get to wear a veil in your life? Never, so might as well take advantage on your wedding.

My Bouquet: I was considering cutting costs and going with something simpler, but holding peonies, hydrangeas, and roses all day was one of the funnest parts of the day. I had no idea how much I’d enjoy carrying around pretty flowers for a day.

Cat pictures: Pretty sure some people think we’re crazy, but besides Dave, I spend the most time with Ellie and Fritz. They’re a huge part of our lives and it wouldn’t have been true to ourselves not to get a picture with these two. It’s our whole little family!

Dancing: We added a dj and dancing a week before the wedding. It worked out so providentially and made the reception feel so happy. I’m so grateful for it. Some of my favorite memories are of our friends surrounding us on the dance floor.

Our Honeymoon: Maybe this is a no brainer, but doing a real honeymoon was seriously the best. Alot of our budget was determined by paying for it out of our own pocket and not wanting to go into debt. But when Dave got a new job a month into our engagement, we decided to splurge on a honeymoon instead of making our wedding budget bigger. After the stress and emotional rollercoaster of our wedding, chilling in Jamaica for a week was the perfect way to basque in our newly-wed status.

Asking Future Sister-in-Laws to be Bridesmaids: This is something I knew I wanted to do. My sister-in-laws-to-be hadn’t known me forever, or helped me through college, but as we became family, I knew they’d be a part of our life for decades to come. We may not have been super close at the time, but I wanted them to know they’re important and someday to look back and see them next to us. I’m so glad I made that decision.

First Look: I never realized how important this would be. But watching other brides not having seen their groom before the ceremony, made me certain we made the right decision. I needed my #1 supporter and friend in more ways than one to help get me through the day. And since walking down the aisle wasn’t traditional for us, the first look was extremely important to us. That moment was just for us.

This Guy: Well duh, but I can’t write about things I’d do over and over without mentioning Dave. He’s the one that made it all worth it — the planning, the stress, the emotions, the 2 years of waiting. I keep expecting the other shoe to drop, for the spell to break, the clock to strike midnight, for all those terrible things people say about marriage to be true. But it doesn’t and I’m still so grateful he’s the guy I got to marry. More importantly, I’m so glad he’s the one I get to do life with.

Happy Anniversary, Dave-man! So glad you’re mine to call Husband.