Leaving the Safe Places Behind

At the beginning of this year I had started to feel like life was “under control.” We celebrated Christmas, felt settled in out home and were happily planning our 2016.

If you assume this is going to end with those plans not turning out as expected, then you’d be right.

2016 is shaping up to be the craziest and most exciting year yet. Dave and I had some plans that included a couple trips and a few goals, but nothing in the proportions we’re experiencing now.

The thing I have been bowled over with this year is a seminar I’m taking through our church. It’s all about working through the average and not-so-average pain that everyone has in their past. The goal is to reject lies your believe about yourself and the world in order to more fully become the person you’re intended to be. But that sort of soul-searching, while good, is also painful and hard. And I’ve felt a bit like my brain, heart and soul are mud-wrestling inside of me for most of 2016 so far.

And finally, Dave and I decided to take the plunge and bought a business. It’s long been Dave’s (and my) dream to be self-employed and own our own enterprise. In the last three months things fell together in a way that was hard to explain (unless you believe in the divine). Dave’s career since college has been a long journey that had him in various managerial, human resource, sales, service and communicative roles. It seemed to us like he just couldn’t find his niche in the working world and the frustration has been real. However, as this business opportunity opened up, looking back every different role now makes sense as a building block for this role. It’s crazy to think there may be a plan for our life. And honestly, just a little (whole lot) bit scary. But it has been the most amazing thing for me to see Dave working his tail off for something he’s proud of and loves. It makes me so happy we decided not to settle and stepped out into a bit of uncertainty.

If I’m honest I have to admit I still have freak out moments — almost on the daily. But I’ve had to realize that growth — the magic, if you will — can only happen when we do things that are outside our comfort zone, things that include risk and some danger. Without some chance of failure, not much great can happen either.

So here’s to finding magic outside our comfort zones, lots of faith, and tons of prayer in 2016!