Natural Easter DIYs

I remember looking around our little house at Christmas time and feeling like it was finally a Home. We had spent the end of Thanksgiving weekend decluttering and pulling out our meager Christmas decoration. Something about the seasonal decor brought the perfect atmosphere and I dreaded the day we’d have to pack them away. However, I’ve been surprised how much I continue to love our home for each new season.

This year, Dave and I have the honor of hosting our Family Easter. Which means I have an excuse to decorate for Easter.

Our main living space is painted light green and decorated in white with dark wood and some other neutrals sprinkled throughout. The color scheme works so well for spring that I don’t need much. I wanted to keep my budget small, so I’ve been diy-ing it up. Here are some of my budget-friendly, simple easter ideas:

  • painted plastic eggs — I used chalk paint and de-neonified these babies. Super easy and I grabbed the eggs from a resale store, though I’m sure most people have them lying around.
  • budding branches — I remember as a child bringing snipped branches from bushes into our home every year, sticking them in a vase, and waiting for them to grow little mini leaves. Then we hung decorated eggs from the little branches. I’m hoping all my branches grow little leaves in time for Easter. Grow, baby leaves, Grow!
  • chalk sign — Oh my! I saw this phrase on a sign at Hobby Lobby and loved it, but did not love the colors or design. So I took a picture and recreated it on a chalkboard we have left over from our wedding. It makes me smile every time I see it.
  • wheat grass — I actually grabbed one of these in the grocery store for the cats (trying to curb their succulent eating habits with better alternatives). But they look so cute that I thought they’d make good centerpieces and grabbed a couple more. I’m thinking with a couple eggs nestled in I’ll have myself super affordable table decor.
  • bunny rabbits — We found some really, really ugly rabbit figurines from the resale shop and spray painted them. voila, pottery barn-esque, subtle bunny cuteness for the season.

I can’t wait to see how everything comes together. All the freshness and white is making me unreasonably excited.

Have a wonderful weekend! You know I’ll be Easterfy-ing our whole house.