When Life Ends

It’s difficult to come up with words to describe the past week. In short, we lost Dave’s Grandpa Russ last Monday. And there are no words that feel right to follow those.

I never realized what work grieving is. Work to clear our schedules and take time off of work (thankfully, both Dave and I have generous bereavement benefits). Work to communicate with family about plans. Work to stay calm in public. Work to square away business and daily responsibilities to take off. Work to pack up and drive through a blizzard to be with family.

There are few impulses like that to be with those you love when you lose someone. So we did. We packed up our kittens and headed to Dave’s parents. It was luxury to have time away from the daily grind. Luxury only made possible by great sadness. We spent five days with family, mourning, celebrating, and sitting around the table talking. The time was hard, but good. Tearfully, sorrow-filled hard and heart-healingly good. How something can be both is one of the great blessings of life.

We are grateful to have faith in something larger than life, especially when life runs out. We mourn for our loss, but celebrate for Grandpa Russ because he gained everything.