Someday Today

2016 has been a big year of contemplation and reflection so far. Dave and I have spent time discussing and thinking through how we live our life. Perhaps we’re having our first true realization of how short life is or maybe we’re just emerging from post-wedding exhaustion and recovery. Either way we’ve been talking about our mission, direction, and the family culture we’re establishing.

We’ve been reading more, listening to more podcasts, doing more bible study, eating more nutritious food and living more intentionally. I’m not quite sure how or why we started these small adjustments, but they’re happy accidents that I want to make permanent.

As we think through our future and how we want our lives to look, this one quote from one of a favorite podcasts really hit home:

“For most of us, someday is the single most dangerous word we utter: it grants us the illusion of future possibility without having to focus on that which is important today. Just imagine, though, how different your life would be if your lists switched titles: what if you flipped the page and made someday happentoday? Or worse, what if you wait? Years from now you might be sitting around pining for someday to arrive someday.” – The

It’s so easy, so dangerous to say “someday,” “tomorrow,” “when I grow up” or any other version of procrastinating phrase that puts things off for another day.

I made a list back in college that was a type of quarter life goal list labelled “things to do before I’m 25.”  During one of our recent discussions I pulled it out and had a crazy realization that I’ll be 25 before the end of 2016. Some of these goals are smaller and some are pretty big. But I realized a couple are the kind that take daily commitment — small steps every day. And those are the ones that aren’t checked off and the most valuable

It’s in the small decisions every day that life is lived. As one of my favorites, Ben Rector sings “‘Cause life is not the mountain tops; It’s the walking in between.” With that being the case wouldn’t it make sense for us to put time and effort into crafting an everyday life we love instead of just letting it happen? The way we live our life will shape the family we are and will become. “Someday” is really best reached through taking a step toward it today. These types on thoughts always end with me yelling “yolo” in my mind. Because truly, with only one life to live, it’s ok to think through how to live it best.


P.S. In case you’re curious, some of the things still left on my “Life Goals to reach before I’m 25” include:

  • Live an active lifestyle
  • Take advantage of grandparents still being around
  • Learn to handletter
  • Grow in my spiritual life
  • Build a career that aligns with my passions
  • Minimize clutter and cultivate tidiness
  • Organize/back up photos and art
  • Grow Flowers