2016: Recommitment

I’ve never been one for new years resolutions. They just seem silly. I’d rather not make big claims and then fail. I also don’t like to wait until January to make changes. I’d rather live the type of life that is always reevaluating and keeping goals in sight — whether January or June.

However, I’d be dense to admit there isn’t something in the air this time of year that encourages a fresh start. After the flurry of fun and celebration, there is some space to fill. As we all go back to daily life, here are some ongoing goals I’m refocusing on:

  • Health — we were doing well before Christmas and I’d really like to continue. Both with exercise and with some refocus on good nutrition.
  • Reading — one of my big Christmas gifts was a Kindle as I’ve been wanting to do more reading. Since college I’ve had a bit of a burnout, but I’ve noticed a new desire to study and discover ideas recently. It may also be a good alternative to our tv habits.
  • Rejecting Consumerism — 2015 was a great start, but I want to keep up the discipline of rejecting the urge to solve issues, heal hurt and numb pain with new stuff. Whether this looks like more fair trade shopping or just reduced buying in  general, I’m ready to see where it goes.
  • Grow Esther Russell Design — November 1st saw this dream launch and I’m eager to see what God’s plan for it is.
  • Stop Running Away — 2015 was an amazing year, but the darker side left me suppressing lots of hurts and pain. I wanted so badly to to be happy, I ignored the harder things. It’s time to confront the pain and work through it. Time to live fully — both in joy and in pain.

None of these things are new for 2016, but with so much about fresh beginnings in the air, no better time to recommit!