Capsule: staples

Before I jump into a whole description of what I put together for this fall’s capsule, I want to give credit to the classic pieces I already have and love.

  • My tan suede boots. I got these during the end of season sales last year and am ready to wear them more this fall.
  • Button ups, especially my chambray. These are my favorites and i just noticed my light one is a bit worn, but until it’s in tatters I’m not giving it up.
  • My slouchy green cardigan. I had to limit how much I wore this last year because I love it so. I could tell wearing it every day would wear it out.
  • My black jeans and gray cords. I love these two pairs of pants, but am looking forward to having a couple more to rotate and not wear out my favorites so much. I actually redyed my black jeans because they fit so well, but the fading was getting bad.

Unpacking my cold weather pieces from storage at the beginning of the fall is a bit like finding old friends. I am just as excited to start wearing these again as getting new ones. And taking a look at what I already enjoy in my outfits helps guide me when I look at what should still be added.

I’ll be back after the long weekend to show off my new and improved closet contents. Have a happy Labor Day and weekend!