Capsule: gaps

It’s been a while since my first mention of that capsule thing I want to do. I’ve been pretty busy, but managed to get all my planning and shopping done. Yay.

I’m working on getting everything set and I plan on doing a little post on what I came up with, probably more than anyone will ever want to see. But until then here are some things that I wanted to add to my wardrobe:

  • A quilted down vest. I have a light pink down vest that I love, but I wear it so much that it’s almost always dirty, so I’d like to find one that doesn’t get dirty as quickly. It’d also be great if it could fit under coats and over sweaters.
  • Something with just a little edge: Since I’m limiting how many pieces I’m purchasing this season, I think a couple pieces that stretch me just a bit out of my comfort zone will be a good idea.
  • A pair of joggers. I imagine joggers like stylish sweatpants, maybe I’m wrong, but either way Imma gonna test the waters.
  • a perfect pair of dark wash jeans: The elusive holy grail, I feel like it’s time to finally put the effort into finding one.
  • A long versatile Cardigan: I had a couple cheaper versions of a long cardi last year and they always stretched out because I loved them so much. I get cold easily so I’d like something warm and cozy.

I enjoy the hunt of shopping and finding the best deal for a high quality pieces is the best. This is going to be fun!