Fall Capsule

Finally, a week later than I had planned, I’ve put together this post.

I had my first crunchy on the outside, hot and gooey on the inside, fresh out of the cooker cider donut and biggby pumpkin coffee (way better than a psl) last week. The nip in the air has arrived and summer is slipping away. Our last summer weekend up north helped end it with a big hurrah. I’ve been noticing some undeniable oranges and reds showing up on the trees. I’m ready for full blown autumn when she officially starts on September 23rd and until then I’ll keep enjoying the bi-polar days of hot and cold that are September in Michigan.

The original plan was to start this capsule adventure on September 1st (through the end of November), but there was no way I was going to wear jeans and sweaters when it was still close to 90 degrees. Today is the first official day of capsule-wear and I’m still deciding when it’ll end (November or December?). If I decide to do a winter capsule, black Friday/cyber Monday sales will fall at the perfect time to shop for the winter.

I’ve been thinking more and more about the point of this experiment. For an over-organizer and planner like me I got a bit caught up in the strategy and shopping. Now as I face 3 months of no shopping I am remembering the deeper issue here is my heart and learning to practice contentment. It’s so easy to see a friend wearing something cute and instead of giving a “wow you have great style” compliment, think to myself “I WANT that!” I have so many clothes and so many that I love (I had a hard time narrowing down which pieces were favorites). In the moment at a store or online, I get caught up in the “deal” or “cuteness” or some other excuse when I really haven’t thought through if I really need it (or might not have something just like it in the back of my closet). Here’s to a fall working at contentment and against the ugly envy monster!

To get in the mood for sweaters you can listen to this little playlist I put together: Cozy: Sweater Songs. I’ve been listening to it myself and it’s a perfect mix to ease into sweaters, cider, fall color drives and of course looking at my awesome fall capsule wardrobe. (ha!)

So without further ado, here is my fall capsule wardrobe for 2015 in all it’s overthought and over-analyzed splendor:


I attempted to give a bit of transparency about where everything came from with the little icons. I am an avid thrifter, ebayer and deal-hunter. I don’t think more than 3 items on the list were bought full prize. I did end up snagging everything on my “gaps” list and kept my favorites. My budget was around $300 and I did at one point return 2 items to J. Crew in order to re-buy them online during the Labor Day sales (saved $50!). I ended up only spending approximately $250. It seems like alot when it’s a lump sum like that, however, if you think my budget amounts to either $100/month or $25/week, you realize how easy it would be to spend way more. This time I just used it all at once after (over) analyzing my needs/wants and the direction I’d like my style to head in.

Well, I have a couple items I am keeping around for Indian summer days, accessories and lounge wear, so I’m sure I will have plenty to wear. No worries on that front! I will be well clothed for sure. Maybe I’ll even do a couple outfit posts… eee not sure how I feel about modeling!