Jumping on that Capsule train

Last year I did a mini version of capsule wardrobe when we went to Austria. It was a wonderful solution for limited space in our luggage. What I didn’t expect was how easy it was to dress in the morning when my choices were limited and already semi-coordinated. I’ve been following a number of blogs that do similar things for an entire season (Unfancy | Into Mind | Where My Heart Resides). After thinking and wanting to do it for a while I want to commit to it this fall. For those of you unfamiliar with the idea here are the guidelines I plan on following:

1. Thoughtfully build/curate my wardrobe with 35-40 items, including tops, outerwear, bottoms, sweaters, and shoes. (excludes: accessories, Work out/Lounge wear, cocktail attire)
2. Clean everything else out of my closet.
3. Don’t go shopping during the season. (big challenge for me!)

I left college with lots of business casual and loungy stuff. But my job is laid-back enough for casual wear which is the type of clothing I didn’t have much of. Since then I’ve filled in gaps, but I’m still not in love with my style. I’m hoping that forcing myself to stick to a restricted number of pieces will help me really discover and refine it. My lifestyle is divided between casual work and casual weekends with a good amount of lounge wear in between. I drew up a little pie chart to illustrate my needs:

My only slightly more formal needs will be if I want to dress up for church, a wedding weekend, and the holidays.The words that describe the feel and look I’d like to shoot for are: cozy, natural, simple, warm and comfy. Obviously Fall in Michigan starts out with the possibility of 90 degree days and ends with snow, so I’m still figuring out how to span that entire range of weather. We’ll see how that works. I’ll keep you updated on the result of my planning and scheming. I’m excited about it all. Hopefully it’ll be a successful experiment.

Have you ever thought of doing something like this? I’d love to hear about your experience!