Building your own Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve been asked a couple time this week how to start building a capsule wardrobe and so I figured I just lay it all out there for you. If you’ve wondered how I did it, here it is!

The basic mindset behind a capsule is a rejection of materialism. Your clothes do not make you. You do not need a new ____ for an event or to feel pretty or confident. A capsule wardrobe is meant to help you have a healthy relationship with your closet, not one ruled by whipping out your credit card whenever you feel stressed, sad or blah.

If you’re ready to get started, the Basics are:

  1. Purge — Only keep things that:
    • Fit you right now
    • Work for your lifestyle
    • Are in good shape (you won’t wear something that’s worn out, no matter how much you used to)
    • Are right for the season (if something fits in all the other categories and you’re saving it for a different season’s capsule, pack it away for then)
  2. Assess — jot down on paper:
    • What styles of clothing do you need for you life? (casual, lounge, professional, formal, etc)
    • What is your style goal? (Do you want to be more urban, preppy, outdoorsy, etc.)
    • What color scheme do you want to wear for the season? (stick to a couple main colors and a few accents per season to keep things easy to mix and match)
    • What pieces are your current favorites? (These will reveal quite a bit about your style and the direction you should head in)
    • What outfits are your favorites to wear? (leggings and boots, sweater and jeans, 3 piece suit, etc.)
  3. Decide — Make guidelines for yourself:
    • How many items will your capsule include (Exclude: pjs, undies, workout gear, and cocktail attire)
    • A Budget (a reasonable amount to cover your needs)
    • Specific pieces you need (Identify what you need to fill gaps in your wardrobe and how much you will spend on it)
  4. Shop — Go out or online and find pieces that are:
    • Within the budget you set for yourself
    • High Quality (try resale companies like ThredUp and ebay to keep costs down)
    • The right size (make sure they fit you right now)
  5. Wear — This is when you get to:
    • Wear only your capsule wardrobe for 3 months
    • Put away all other clothes into storage or donate (excluding pjs, undies, workout gear, and cocktail attire)
    • Don’t go shopping (I’ve found it helpful to stash things I’m tempted to buy on a Pinterest board and go back after the 3 months is over to see if I still want/need any of it)
    • Discover those same clothes in many different combinations.

You’ll find you have less clutter, an easier time getting dressed, and an improved sense of your style. I’ve found a surprising feeling of freedom from doing this. I can almost guarantee you will too.

Good Luck!