Grateful for 2015

This year has been a huge one for us. I’ve been reflecting back and it can’t seem possible that so much has happened in just 12 months. As I remember 2015 I can’t get over how grateful I am for everything. Some of the things we are especially grateful for include:

  • an Ellie-Bellie who is the most kissable kitten
  • Fritzy baby and his greedy snuggles
  • our jobs that we’re happy to go to every day
  • a little yellow house we get to call home
  • a hot tub on our back porch that creates an outdoor activity for us on the darkest and coldest nights
  • the most perfect wedding this spring that got us married and didn’t break the bank
  • a honeymoon that literally could not have gone more smoothly
  • two glorious days at Pictured Rocks that feels like a it was a dream
  • a church that truly has become our family
  • growing relationships with so many people we can’t even keep track
  • the obvious moving of the holy spirit in our lives, the redemption from our savior and the love of our heavenly father.

It’s been a good year. #grateful