Fall Capsule Update

Well, hello. So sorry to be AWOL for so long. Somehow November just got away from me. I hope December will be better for blogging.

Can you believe next week is the start of my winter capsule? I can’t, that’s for sure. I’ve learned quite a bit and am even more of a believer in the capsule wardrobe than ever. My top observation have been:

  1. I didn’t have a single wardrobe crisis. I used to pull 5 things out of my closet in the morning and still not be happy with what I wore. This didn’t happen once this fall.  (Except for when I had to dress for fancier events. This was an oversight in my planning. Next capsule will include a couple dressier pieces.)
  2. After settling down into the mindset “No Shopping” 3 months flew by. I honestly wasn’t ready to start working on my winter capsule even though I had been dying to shop at times. I think this next time I’ll start a Pinterest board to file away things I see and like during my shopping ban.
  3. Seasons are weird in Michigan and there is way too much winter in my opinion… It feels forced to make my winter capsule run mid-December to mid-March when winter around here lasts more like November to April. So I’m not sure how long the winter capsule will work. But by mid-March I may be ready to switch things up a bit.
  4. Favorites wear out. This is a sad lesson. My favorite light chambray was the softest shirt after 1.5 years of wearing it and it ripped along the arm seam… And one of my favorite sweaters didn’t hold up so well to the 15 times I wore it. This has taught me even more than before that quality will be extremely important as I move forward.

I’ve been doing some fun winter capsule wardrobe shopping this past week and snagged a couple things on Cyber Monday that I’m excited about. I’ll be back soon to report on more.