Why I Chopped my Hair

Growing up, in my mind the girl with the longest, flowiest hair were the prettiest. (Disney Princesses may have fed into that a little bit.) Well this summer my hair was so long that I could tie the whole thing into a knot on top of my head and it would stay in without a hair tie. It was the longest it’s ever been.

When we were figuring out my wedding hairstyle, I finally grasped what people meant when they said my hair was thick. It’s almost too thick. It’s too thick for someone like me (read: lazy) to do every morning. I know for some ladies out there, an extra half hour to do their hair is worth the time to look put together, but I’m the kind of girl who would rather sleep an extra half hour than have a good hair day. So my thick long hair pretty much looked like a messy bun more than like a Disney princess. I didn’t have the “need long hair for wedding” reason to keep it and that combined with the fact that it was so unruly meant I figured I’d cut it at some point. But I couldn’t bring myself to actually do it.

Until. Until I realized I could help someone out with it. While chopping of my hair was about how I’d look or my vanity, I couldn’t muster the gumption to do it. I’d donated my hair once before and looked into it again. As someone who has never struggled to grow hair (obviously, since I was complaining about having too much), the fact that there are kiddos out there with none hit a chord with me. A quick search on Pinterest let me know the hairstyle I’d end up with after chopping off 8-10 inches was called a “blob,” Blond Long Bob. Another search on Google and I decided CWHL, a Michigan based non-profit which provides children with hair loss wigs completely free of charge, was the right destination for my chopped ponytail. From deciding to donate and my hair cut was less than two weeks, which is short considering how long I agonized about the decision before.

Well, and there it is. I went for the chop and have hair shorter than I have in 5 years. I honestly haven’t regretted it. I’m learning how to style it slowly and I’m praying my 10 inches will make some little one happy and feel more confident as they face their struggles.

If you have ever considered (or even if you haven’t) donating your hair, I’d very much encourage it. In some ways I felt like it was similar to donating blood. While not as life-saving, for a child who is suffering in so many other ways, having a beautiful and free wig can truly make a difference in their confidence and happiness. Maybe think about it. I can only say positive things about the experience.