Small Joys: September

I’ve been loving September. It’s been so nice. We’ve had some rain and some very hot days, but the days in between are so lovely — cool in the morning, sunny and in the 60/70s during the day.

Our weekends have slowed down to a manageable pace and we’ve been enjoying some new and fall-ish things, such as:

Cider Donuts — We have an orchard 3 minutes from our house and once they open the week after Labor Day, we make sure to get a dozen or two per week. Nothing is better than the sugary crunchy outside and the hot gooey inside. Combined with the leaves yellowing all around and a nippy breezy, it’s easy to believe fall begins today.

Decorating my house — I live in a house that is my own. Well I actually share it, but it’s still up to me to decorate and it’s so much fun to break out the seasonal decor. This past week I made two wreaths and we found some mums. Now I just need a couple pumpkins and our little yellow house will be all set.

Ben Rector — I’ve enjoyed Ben Rector for a couple years now, but with his new album came a new tour and we snagged a set of tickets. We’ve been listening to Brand New in the car since late August and I knew I’d hooked Dave-man when I found out he had been listening to Mr. Rector while working one day. This past Saturday was the concert in Detroit and it sure was something. The venue, the band and Rector himself were stellar. We stood 3 rows back from the stage, I got a smile from the artist himself and we just had a ball. It’s really wonderful, thoughtful and super fun music. We’d recommend it.

Soaking up the outdoors — Somehow we made it through the entire summer without eating outdoors. So we recently started and remembered why we love it. (until the mosquitoes got so bad they chased us back inside.) We’ve also been driving with the windows down and taking more walks. It’s almost like the fact that we know the nice days are numbered make them worth more compared to how easily we wasted them in the summer.

Timmy the Tank a.k.a. Jimmy the Jeep — I’ve been loving driving my new to me jeep around. He’s a total gas glutton, but he’s perfect for getting to and from work and fun backroad drives. I’ve wanted a jeep wrangler for years now, so it’s kind of a dream come true to finally get to drive one. It’s so fun to be high up off the road. He’s just a rugged car in general and driving is an adventure. I can’t wait until we get a chance to really take him down some trails in the area.

Hope you’re ready for crunchy leaves and cozy evenings, because here they come!