So glad you've stopped by. I'd love to be friends. Here's a bit more about me to get started.

A self-dubbed “dabbler”, I have too many passions to pick only one. Some of my favorite things include: drawing, painting, photography, writing, design, cooking, planning events to bring friends and family together and anything else that involves celebrating the beauty and the gift of life. Welcome to my dabbling.

During the day, I work as a full time graphic designer, but my spirit longs to freely create. I’ve kept a small blog for a while and learned through that experience that recording life through words, photos, and design is something I enjoy enough to devote more time and energy to it. Welcome to my story.

I pursue creativity with no deeper motive than finding joy and truth. Too often we measure success in dollar signs. We forget that those things most valuable don’t come with a price tag. I pray that this space can become a journal of gratitude and joy. Welcome to my adventures.

Why Hasi & Co.?

I’ve been known as Esther-hasi since childhood. Hasi means bunny in German. It's my favorite German nickname given to me by an Austrian uncle.

When thinking of a name for this little corner that would encompass my wide range of interests, I wanted something that would convey this blog as a place where my passions gather. That’s why I choose Hasi & Company — in other words: “Esther & Everything I enjoy” or “Me and all I Love” or “A girl named Bunny & her Friends.” Hasi & Co. is just a more succinct way of saying all those things.


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